About us

Big Hearts Society understands the world around through the universal language of „empathy”.

Empathy, compassion, equalty and love are the words that guide our everyday steps.
Big Hearts Society fights for protecting animal rights, along with human rights and strives to improve the level of awareness towards the importance of animals in our lives.

We believe in the power of big hearts that beat as one for a better world.

We believe in humans’ capacity to rescue any animal, and we also believe in animals’ capacity to save us, humans.
Big Hearts Society is a non-profit organisation established in 2017, and its objectives are:

Identify, rescue and support household animals without owners and wild animals that are mistreated, sick animals or animals who have suffered long-lasting injuries.

Block any form of abuse towards animals, with the help of local authorities, as well as reduce the number of abandoned household animals by applying any neccesary legal enforcement.
Find adoptive families for household animals without owners, whether temporarily or permanently, secure placement in shelters of our own or through partnerships established with already existent shelters that respect standards aimed at animals’ wellbeing, imposed by the international community and the laws in force.
Place wild animals in their natural habitat and/or in a nature preserve located in Romania or outside the country, according to legal provisions.

Conceive, implement and develop/build shelters that offer protection for household animals without owners, animals that are being used in laboratories and any other specie that is mistreated, left without food and/or without medical treatment.

Conceive and promote informal educational programs for children and teens, in partnership with education institutions, government institutions and non-governmental organisations.

Organize promotion campaignes that reinforce the importance of animals’ good care and protection, both within and outside our association, during different activities/camps in Bucharest or throughout the country.

Conceive and develop a specialised center for therapy and activities assisted by animals, for the benefit of seniors and people with mental or physical disabilities.
Improve life quality of seniors and people with mental or physical disabilities by applying this form of therapy assisted by rescued animals that have been trained by Big Heart Society, in partnership with „Clubul Cainilor Utilitari)

Develop special training programs for rescued animals, with the help of
specialized personnel: dog handlers, equitation instructors and so on.